The Proper Way of Applying Mascara to Make Your Lashes Thicker and Longer

By: tiffanywindhurst | Posted: 17th February 2011

Our eyes are said to be one of the most attractive parts of a woman, and you can further enhance the looks of your eyes with the help of long and thick eyelashes. There are several methods that you can use in order to achieve longer eyelashes and putting mascara is one of them. This article will be showing you the proper way of putting mascara, which can help you achieve the eyelashes that you have long dreamed of.

Mascara has been used as a way of making your eyelashes look longer and thicker for several years. In fact, long before the other methods were available, mascara is already being used by a lot of women. This method uses a small brush that will be used to apply mascara on your eyelashes. This will give you an impression of thicker or longer eyelashes, depending on the color of the mascara that you are using.

One of the most common mistakes of women when using mascara is that they are applying too much coats of it on their eyelashes, thinking that this will help them have thicker eyelashes, but this is definitely not true. Two coats should be enough to make your eyelashes look longer, and any additional coats can only make your lashes messy.

If you want to make your eyelashes look longer, you need to use the brown-colored mascara, while the black-colored mascara should be used by women who wanted to make their lashes thicker. You can either mix the two colors or simply use one of them to achieve the results that you want for your lashes.

These are some of the things that you need to remember when applying mascara. Using this cosmetic is not bad at all, but you need to make sure that you remove the mascara before going to bed, as it can make your lashes dry and brittle.

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