Why should I go to a Cosmetic Physician for my non surgical cosmetic treatments?

By: Andy Rebeca | Posted: 17th February 2011

Non surgical cosmetic treatments are becoming popular and with that there are many do it yourself kits which are available in stores as well. How safe these could be is not proven anywhere. The irony about these non surgical cosmetic DIY kits is that most of the treatment methods require a professional to administer them on the patient. So now you might feel the risk in it.

For example if you have got a Botox or a Dermal filler DIY kit and try to do it by yourself, you might end up freezing the wrong muscle in your face or augmenting the wrong muscle which will create a total botch in the treatment. Though it would wear off you will have to put up with it for few months. Then you get the chemical peels. Now these ones you should be really careful, you use the wrong peel you can totally damage your skin.

So the best thing to do is to consult a cosmetic physician for these non surgical cosmetic treatments. When you select a cosmetic physician you should first of all check whether he is qualified and has a lot of experience in performing non surgical cosmetic treatments. If you find a website about his clinic you may well read it before you go and meet him. Sometimes the websites might have a testimonial page where previous patients would have shared their experiences. By reading them you can gain a bit of confidence about the cosmetic physician you are going to meet.

The cosmetic physician would carefully listen to your issues. He would then decide as to which treatment is most suitable for you. Sometimes he would recommend you to have combined treatments to rejuvenate your face. Depending on the treatment type a skin patch test might be carried out to check whether you have an allergic reaction towards the product. This will make sure that you will not have any adverse side effects. Also with your consent the cosmetic physician would take pre and post treatment photographs of you so that you can clearly see the improvement of the treatments.

Check whether you can channel the same cosmetic physician for follow up sessions so that you can be rest assured that nothing would go wrong with the treatments. Another advantage of consulting a cosmetic physician is that you can clear your doubts about any of the questions you have relating to the treatments. If you are under prescribed medication you can check whether any of the treatments would create an allergic reaction. Then you can decide on when to have the treatments. Some cosmetic physicians provide a free consultation at the first visit so that you can familiarise with the clinic and get your doubts cleared off.

Most of these non surgical cosmetic treatments are carried out in the cosmetic physician’s office and no medical institute is involved. But do not forget to check whether the cosmetic clinic is affiliated with a medical institution so that in a rare occasion if you encounter an adverse side effect you could visit the medical institution with the cosmetic physician’s reference.

Andy Rebeca is passionate about skin care and a freelance journalist. Currently working with Cheshire Cosmetic Ltd which is known as cosmetic clinic Cheshire. Dr. Raj Acquilla , the expert cosmetic physician in Cheshire offers non surgical cosmetic treatments in Northwich and Cheshire patients at Cheshire Cosmetic Clinic.About the Author
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