Reasons why the Apple iPhone 4 is outperforms a Blackberry

By: williamemily28 | Posted: 17th February 2011

Every other mobile phone manufacturer in the market is trying to keep up with recent iPhone technologies, the Apple company is working on new features that will make the iPhone a more powerful and indispensable tool. The latest model from the Apple company is the iPhone 4 which has more advanced features than the previous iPhone winnen mobile phone. The iPhone 4 is the biggest thing to ever happen to the Apple company ever since they started manufacturing mobile phone devices. There are so many differences between the new iPhone 4 and the old iPhone winnen and a few of them are mentioned below.

Many of the mobile phone users who enjoy new technology have been dreaming about video calling for a long time and that time has finally come. The new iPhone 4 has the cutting edge video call technology which allows the user to chat with other users via video call. The iPhone winnen is a great phone but does not feature the video call technology. The iPhone 4 has two cameras, the back camera focuses on the stuff in front of you and the front camera focuses on you when you are making a video call or even taking pictures of yourself.

The new iPhone 4 model has the sharpest ever retina display and the highest resolution screen ever to be included in a mobile phone device. The pixel count of the iPhone four is four times as much as the iPhone 3GS making hard for the naked human eye to be able to distinguish the pixels. Due to the high pixel count, the iPhone 4 displays everything sharply including the texts. The iPhone winnen has an amazing display with a good pixel count but the new iPhone 4 has the most superior display in the world.

The iPhone 4 offers the user the option of multi-tasking without any problems. The iPhone winnen also offers the same option but when one multi-tasks using the iPhone 3GS, the performance of the fore ground is slowed and the battery is drained a bit faster. When multi-tasking using the iPhone 4, the user does not experience slow foreground performance and also the battery does not drain fast making the iPhone 4 the more superior model. Both the two iPhone models have the cutting edge mobile phone technologies but the iPhone 4 is more advanced than all the other models.

The iPhone winnen has high definition video recording and you can shoot a short movie about your family and store it but the new iPhone 4 also has high definition video recording plus a bonus feature. The bonus feature is an advanced illumination sensor on the back side of the phone which has a built in LED light. The feature enables the user to capture HD videos even in areas that are poorly lit. You can also edit the video with the iMovie application on the iiPhone. The Apple company has proven to be the most innovative in mobile phone technology and is one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers in the world.

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