Zygors Guide Review - Find Out How You Can Strike 85 In Record Time Through Zygor Leveling Guide

By: Tabitha Middleton | Posted: 16th February 2011

The most challenging part of WOW for a new player is leveling. Not such a lot of leveling, but leveling as swiftly as possible so that you can reach 85 and get involved with end game content. Gosh, even skilled players are possibly taking too much time to level their alts or perhaps their main toon if it isn't already 85. Zygor Guides Alliance and Horde leveling guides are the best solution to your issue.

Just what is it?

Zygors Guide is a leveling guide that will advise you on the most efficient path of missions to get you from level to level quickly. In fact, it is a whole lot more than just that. While a number of guides demand you to alt + tab back and forth to read from a PDF file, this guidebook is actually an in game plugin. It creates its own interface within the typical WoW GUI and utilizes coordinates with a waypoint function to literally point you in the appropriate direction.

I can't underline how much time this feature will save you. Rather than having to look for information on your favorite Warcraft information sites, all that you need is in one modest, aesthetically interesting interface. Days are gone of waiting for someone in your guild to tell you the best way to complete a certain quest. Just forget about getting ganked because you were tabbed over to your internet browser reading about the quest. And most importantly, the plugin is 100% validated by Blizzard, so there is no worry about having your account outlawed. A number of zygor guides review sites fail to point this out.

Exactly who is it for?

If you aren't reaching 85 in 7 days played time or even less, then Zygors leveling guide is perfect for you. It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or a vet. Using this system makes it easy to make it through the leveling content. This isn't like the days of vanilla WoW in which there were always people out leveling in the zones. It is a whole lot lonelier now. Sure, you may possibly have a guild for the social interaction, but you are hard pressed to find people to quest with now. You ought to get in there, get it done, and move on so that you can begin enjoying end game PVP, Heroics, and Raids.

It does not matter whether you participate in Alliance or Horde, or both for that matter. Zygor leveling guides come in both flavors. There are four guides to get you from the beginning zones all the way through level 60. You will be covered in Outlands as well as Northrend as you progress from 60 to 80. And Zygor has ensured to update the guides for Cataclysm. Breeze your way through the new leveling content and reach 85 in record time.

There really is no decision to make, if you want to get your toon to 85 as quickly as possible, then you need to check out Zygor Guides. Click here now to read our full zygors guide review and discover all the benefits and read about the limited time special bonus guides offer.
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