Call of Duty 4 Lags - Learn How to Fix It

By: Brock Schinke | Posted: 16th February 2011

Quite a few end users described that immediately after they experienced started out Call of Duty 4, it runs high-quality for roughly ten seconds after which it commences lagging. It can be one in the most common complications. In such a guide, we will discuss the actions to solve this problem.

The following elements are responsible for Call of Duty 4 lagging challenge:

1. CPU Overheating

2. Huge Volume of Fragmentation within the Registry

3. Your Antivirus System utilizes Massive System Sources

4. Fix the Registry Entries

5. Re-obtain The sport's Cache Data files

CPU Overheating

Contact of Duty four lags when the processor is overheating. This problem is typical mainly in notebook computer pcs. Invest in a notebook computer cooling pad to solve this problem.

Huge Amount of Fragmentation in the Registry

Registry is usually a essential factor in Microsoft Windows working system. The registry is used to shop diverse varieties of info.

Get in touch with of Duty 4 as well merchants its configurations inside registry and retrieves them on the time you are actively playing the sport. Registry fragmentation slows down the process of retrieving and storing this kind of form of details and thereby Name of Duty 4 lags. You happen to be suggested to defrag the registry using a 3rd-social gathering registry defragmenter solution.

Your Antivirus Software uses Big System Resources

Name of Duty four lags when the antivirus you had installed is operating in background and employing far too quite a few data files (i.e. assets) plus the genuine-time security is turned on. In basic text, an antivirus by using huge sum of your method memory space for protecting your pc in background brings about Contact of Duty four lagging problem.

Disable your antivirus plan as beneath:

1. Right just click the technique tray icon within your antivirus computer software.

2. Pick Disable Completely option.

Fix the Registry Entries

As discussed previously, the game merchants its configuration with your registry and retrieves rear in the time you are playing it. These registry entries, if corrupted, not just make the game slower but also lag it in center.

To avoid Name of Duty 4 lags, be sure that your registry would not consist of incorrect entries. To check the registry problems and correct them, use a registry cleaner program.

Re-obtain the Game's Cache Data files

It is likely to be achievable that some in the cache recordsdata saved from the installation directory are corrupted. It might be advisable to restore again their unique variations by downloading for the internet with support of Steam.

1. Close lower the game.

2. Open My Personal computer, and browse the following directory:

C:\Plan Files\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Contact of Duty\Zone\English

3. Rename the following two information with the respective names provided:

a. Mp_afghan_load.ff : backup_mp_afghan_load.ff

b. Mp_afghan.ff : backup_mp_afghan.ff

4. If you discovered other information of the.ff sort, rename them too.

5. Delete individuals files that you choose to renamed within the Move 3 over.

6. Open Steam.

7. Suitable click on MW2.

8. Pick out Qualities | Neighborhood Data (tab) | Confirm Integrity of Activity Cache.

9. Wait around till these data files are downloaded once more.

ten. Restart the sport immediately after completion.

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