Fourth Generation Ipod - An Overview

By: Kristin Croftman | Posted: 15th February 2011

iPod touch 32GB (4th generation) and newest model is the most incredible iPod you'll ever owned. This iPod will amaze you even if you are a tech geek like me. What is more is that you can get it a a pretty low price.This iPod touch is the thinnest of all with a mere 7.2 millimeters thick and very much light weight.

The iPod is similar as the phenomenon iPhone 4th generation. It has 3.5 inch Retina Display and camera that able to shot high definition video in 720 pixel. There are so many similarities of iPod 4th generation and iPhone 4th generation and one of the similarities occurred on the video-related features. Just like iPhone 4th generation, this iPod is completed with video editing as well.

The iPod Touch 32 GB 4th Generation is a brilliant iPod with an amazing design & an excellent video quality. I've had the iPod for a month now and have been completely satisfied with the purchase. The display is beautiful to look at, the speed of the processor is great in my opinion, and the video quality is excellent as well. The rear camera takes some great quick pictures as well.

In terms of software, the 4th generation Touch incorporates FaceTime as well as Ping, the music-focused, social-networking feature for iTunes 10. I think Apple wants the iPad, iPhone and iPod experience to be a social one - which is why all this type of software is being released with its latest batch of devices. Another pleasurable experience by far is surfing in Safari on the Touch .

With a thickness only 7.2 mm and a curved design, the iPod 32 GB 4th Generation seems like the iPhone. It has an engineered-glass front and stainless steel back. Due to its 960-by-640 backlit LCD display which packs 326 pixels per inch, this new iPod has the highest-resolution iPod screen ever.

If you're after a great looking, smart and sleek case to encapsulate your device then check out the Premium iPod Touch 4th generation leather case, these have been designed really well. There are four corner tabs so that the iPod sits neatly and securely into the casing and it has a front cover that protects the iTouch screen from scraps whilst perhaps in your bag.

This model has enough storage space for 8000 songs. However the storage space in this device can also be used for games and videos. This is why the device is often referred to as a smart phone without the phone part. The crucial difference between this and the previous generation is the type of videos you can have on this device.

There are good photo manipulation functions and you can make zombies, ghouls, avatars etc. If you are a music lover then this is surely for your taste of music. This new iPod 4 is not only latest generation from Apple but also iPod Nano 6 generation device. Designers have also suggested that this new iPod Nano 6 will be having 30-pin dock connector.

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