Famous People Seek Portrait Painters

By: ralph nelson | Posted: 15th February 2011

Portrait painting has reached its peak in the 20th century and an American artist currently residing on an Italian island is making much money on three continents. This abstract painter pointed out that art is back to being a career that makes money. Focus is being put on human appearance.

Universities, hospitals, and industries are choosing painted portraits of their presidents and board chairmen over photographs. Those rolling in wealth and fame view portraits as a symbol of their fortune and heritage for their children.

Her brush made significant impact throughout Western Europe, the United States, and even South Africa where her husband used to work for a cosmetics firm. She shows a preference for painting at the homes of the subjects rather than do the portrait painting at her studio or at her twin sister's studio.

For this artist, three weeks would be sufficient enough to paint a portrait in a studio. It would take around five days for her to finish the portrait if she painted on location. The quality of the artist's painting is affected by the location of where she paints. Often, she eats with the subject and observes the home in which the portrait will be hung.

One famous actress adored her portrait and used it as a cover for her autobiography. Portraits of the family who owns the five and dime fortune, the makers of tire and rubber, and the makers of the famous line of greeting cards have all been made by her. Also among the people who portraits this artist has painted include a tribal chief from Nigeria and Dominican monk from Arkansas. Where the commissions came from were unexpected the moment her portraits became known across the globe.

Though she avoids flattery, she paints her subjects in such a flattering way. Subjects and artist come to some agreement regarding costume. Some want to be seen in hunting pinks or university robes, and she respects their wishes. She prefers an informal dress over a formal one for the portrait. She recommends that her subjects wait a day for their hairdos to settle and also offers suggestions on makeup.

She and her subjects often talk while she is painting. She gets their lips moving so that she can get the appearance of a smile. In a portrait, one can see if the subject is bored or not. By going through a photograph book that shows her work, clients can decide if they want a full body, half body, or head and shoulders shot, as well as a formal or casual pose.

Also popular are sketches made with ink, oil, and tempera in sepia tones. Sometimes she does several sketches of a person on one canvas, the most detailed sketch being in the foreground, which is a charming way of portraying children. What you get is something you would likely see in a sketch book. A gallery owner insisted that she display the self portrait she had made of herself during a two woman show in New York, and it was because of this that her 20 year career began. It was the part of the show that was a major hit.

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