Budget Minded Handmade Party Favors

By: Gail | Posted: 14th February 2011

One does not have to be an arts and crafts expert to devise some useful, eye-catching Budget Minded Handmade Party Favors. Creativity, imagination and a willingness to just have some fun are all you need to get started. For example, a hostess could take a basic sheet of tissue paper—an inexpensive gift-wrapping item she could get at any card or party store, often for less than a dollar a sheet—and create a lovely tissue flower or heart; one that could be adorned further with the addition of sparkles and sparkly stars. This favor would prove especially popular at a bridal or baby shower, or at an engagement party.

Favors that do double duty as both place cards and name tags could also be created. Ah, but no need to order an engraved metal plate for each guest; just cut and fold some construction paper, or (if the hostess is in search of sturdier paper stock) cut out the bottoms of old cereal boxes; then personalize each plate with the use of dramatic lettering, handwritten messages and simply drawn illustrations.

Candles, cookies and candies are other essential ingredients in Budget Minded Handmade Party Favors. Small party candies, cookies (be they chocolate, shortbread, peanut butter, chocolate chip, or another flavor) and individually wrapped hard or solid chocolate candies can be purchased at dollar stores or made at home. In addition, a host could create decorative candle or candy holders with the use of paper or tin foil.

The party table is another ideal place for Budget Minded Handmade Party Favors. Using a single plastic bag or one long sheet of construction paper, the host could stencil and cut out festive party symbols like stars, flowers and hearts to offer as party favors at each table setting.

The creation of other Budget Minded Handmade Party Favors will depend on the theme of the individual party. For a tropical or Hawaiian party, for example, the crafty host might want to make miniature drink umbrellas from paper and toothpicks, or decorative leis from handmade flowers of paper or plastic; the hostess could even gather real flowers from her garden or yard for the creation of a lovely, more authentic lei.

If a hostess seeks to plan an elegant, festive party—while still having enough cash to both feed the guests as well as pay next month's rent--Budget Minded Handmade Party Favors are the answer; and they can be just as much fun as the festivity itself. Make some Budget Minded Handmade Party Favors today, and plan the party of a lifetime!


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