Does Satellite Direct Really Work When Watching TV On My Laptop?

By: pbsbluejay | Posted: 11th February 2011

According to a review site, InternetTvDotCom, that tackles the question 'does Satellite Direct really work', shows this Internet TV software had a 16 percent failure rate. This test was conducted from 6/23/2010 to 9/20/2011 with about 60 sales and 9 refund requests. But who is to say it still has an 84 percent success rate now.

There might be a bit of skepticism here when thinking the application only had one short successful period. Who's to say that success remained the same throughout the year -- no extensive test was revealed. In rare cases, Satellite Direct has been known to fail on some computers that are compatible.

When considering this failure however it can happen for a couple of reasons. One of them is the software falling short of the user's expectation and the other is it simply didn't work. Then again, who can really question the video demos at InternetTvDotCom that clearly show this product actually does works.

Then there's the basic product setup to consider that the user's computer must comply to. These are system requirements that also requires a broadband connection (DSL or High Speed Internet) in order for everything to work.

When meeting those requirements still the question remains will it work on your Windows, Windows7, XP, Vista, or MAC computer. Essentially, this comes down to a matter of trial and error which leaves the consumer with a take it or leave it kind of thing.

There is a free trial offer in place, but it's more like looking under the hood of a new car where you can't turn on the engine. In other words, the demo only lets you maneuver through the TV player to see channels that don't play, countries, and feature enhancements.

After all of this, you are still left with does it work or not. Seemingly, there's no way to tell for sure but there is way to get closer to the answer.

The best thing to do before taking a chance to buy in is find a real free trial software that's similar and test it on your computer.

This is an indirect way of testing and doesn't exactly tell you whether the SatelliteDirect software will work, but it can reveal whether or not your computer is indeed compatible with similar products.

When downloading an 'actual' free trial this allows you to play all the available channels and radio stations, you get to see them in action. Not only that, but you will see the picture/video quality also. One downside is a blurry picture or 'choppy' video once in a while.

Also, there will be times when some channels (out of 1000s) will come and go -- due to temporary down times by their providers or broken links, to name a few. But this issue is easily corrected by features that let you automatically scan for and update channels, as well as give you the ability to find and add your own within the TV player itself.

Just being able to see the software (or channel viewer) in action, whereas the delivery of channels and how well they play and appear makes the decision making easier -- whether or not to buy in to the service.

After researching this software service further, it was revealed that it's the 1# most popular and most sought after product of it kind worldwide. In other words, it gets more searches then other leading brands.

If you are still wondering does Satellite direct really work, then paying the small one-time fee with a 60 day money back guarantee by Clickbank, eliminates the risk of running into a scam where you don't get your money back.

Rest assure, Clickbank is a very reputable sales/refunds' processor that makes the guarantee iron-clad and has a no-questions-asked policy to go with it.


Phil Sumpter's InternetTvDotCom site provides all kinds of Web TV/Video information including product reviews. All of your questions about Satellite Direct TV can be answered when reading a SatelliteDirect Review.
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