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By: pbsbluejay | Posted: 11th February 2011

If you ever imagined watching television on a computer, there are many services that can make that happen right now. One is Direct PCTV, which helps make creating a TV system via mobile phone, desktop/laptop or PDA much easier.

Look around and you'll see what technology is doing to bring the Web to portable/mobile devices, TVs, computers and set-top boxes that's becoming an important part of our lives. Because media software and hardware have integrated, creating a super computer Internet TV is a reality.

Now that the future of television is really here, there are more television options available today than there were yesterday.

For individuals who spend a great deal of time on their computers or looking for other options to watch their favorite programs, without the monthly cost, there are Web TV software applications that can deliver the best of Internet television -- more or less.

There is a huge number of TV on PC services out there, but many of them can't deliver over 9,000 worldwide channels to PC laptops and desktops like this popular service.

With the streamlining, organizing and delivery of 1000s of free media across the globe, the software makes it happen instantly. That means surfing the web for free channels is no longer necessary, and neither is saving many websites to a computer to watch different shows.

Once the individual opts in to download the application, s/he is kept in one location, for the most part, when watching television online. That way spending time and effort to look for free media online is cut out, for the most part, since everything is delivered within ones fingertips.

There's no special hardware or equipment needed or monthly fees to pay, like Satellite and Cable. The software primary function is to deliver tons of popular live and on-demand channels to a device.

While there are many perks, one will probably think the initial cost is high. However, for the one-time fee that's slightly under $40 USD, it's quite affordable and comes with a lifetime service package of support, upgrades, etc.

It's unfair to say that all of these products come without flaws. There are some common issues to keep in mind such as experiencing a 'choppy' video or blurry picture now and then, as well some channels coming and going.

Then again, what helps solve some of these issues are special feature enhancements, along with a fast Internet connection (DSL or High Speed), and higher the speed better the overall quality. For channels that may be a little subpar, many of them are still viewable.

Even when looking at the brighter side of things, these products/services aren't for everyone. The ones who can really benefit are people who enjoy variety television or can use an extra TV for around the house, while at work or college, or when traveling abroad.

Others that can benefit from these services are people who are bilingual, multilingual or someone learning a new language. The package includes 100+ countries; just pick any genre and country.

For many, it's having the ability to watch favorite live shows like a sporting event, on-demand episodes like Fringe, or watching a movie when connected online.

Whether or not Direct PCTV is considered a godsend, it can help people living without Satellite and Cable get the next best thing, and for those who don't have any service in the area, here's a way to get legal access to even more channels that can't be seen anywhere else.


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