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By: Sajith Anandan | Posted: 11th February 2011

Existing telecommunication systems are capable of transmitting radio, fax, phone, data and television signals can transmit large volumes of information over long distances. Digital transmission is used for high consistency with the nominal noise, or an obstacle, and because it can transmit any analog or digital. Transmission can occur through cables, wireless radio link or satellite. Shielded cable used for transmission of communication signals such as television, telephone or computer networks. A coaxial cable consists of two concentric conductors laid along the same axis. A common element is surrounded by an insulating dielectric, which in turn surrounded by another conductor, producing a power transmission circuit assembly. The coaxial cable consists of a plastic sleeve, the conductor and the dielectric isolation.

The coaxial cable all wrapped in a protective plastic sleeve. The signal propagates in the dielectric insulator, while the associated current flow is limited to adjacent surfaces of the inner and outer conductors. As a result, the coaxial cable has very low radiation.
Shielded cables are used in process control application. Wide range of shielded cables is designed for network switching equipment system, factory automation, the other sensitive equipment, the process control applications. Protection can be provided by annealing bare copper, tinned annealed copper wire, silver wire of Al-plated copper alloy SS GI wire mesh and is also provided by the metal tape (aluminum and copper) with Cable of land with a minimum of 25% overlap for best performance of the twisted copper cable can be provided in the metal tape.

Cable in electrical and electronic systems, a conductor or group of conductors for power transmission or telecommunication signals from one place to another. Communication cables send out computer data, voice messages, and visual images. There is a clear distinction between a power cable and power telecommunication cable. Usually, the first refers to a single conductor, solid metal, with or without insulation, while the second refers to a twisted cable or a set of cores. Cable quality is important for the interconnection of the system switching equipment, telecommunications equipment, factory automation and process control applications. The clarity of sound and non-interference in telecommunications are totally dependent on cable quality. India’s leading cable manufacturer, Seewel makes world standards telecommunication cables

Seewel’s wide range of shielded cables and telecommunication cables are specially designed for interconnection of Switching system equipment, Plant Automation and process control applications.
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