Give Happiness Back to Children

By: ttdafa | Posted: 11th February 2011

Yesterday, in the square before Chongwen building of Nanjing No.1 Middle School, there held a recruiting conference. It was very lively on the site. Different from other club activities in schools, this one has 20,000 yuan sponsorship each year and can arrange two hours every Wednesday for club activities. What's more, students who take part in club activities can gain credits.

I think nobody is happier than students on hearing this news. Nowadays, under the pressure of exam-oriented education, parents and teachers stress the importance of study constantly. As the social competition is becoming more and more fierce, parents always fear their children will lose at the starting line. So they force their children go to elite school and study in various cramming school after school. Such as Mathematical Olympiad, foreign language, handwriting, drawing, dancing, eloquence and so on.

My workmate's child has more than twenty classes after school every week. From Monday to Sunday, except the schooling times, everyday is full of classes. I even can't image how heavy his schoolworks are. Besides, every kind of class is take place in different places, so parents have to escort their children. In this situation, both children and parents suffer aches and pains.

In my view, this exam-oriented education does more harm than good. Children are unendurable when small and lose interest in study. They just study for fulfilling tasks. They have less and less happiness. That's why we always say children in current time are shrewd while little. They prematurely learn wangles that adults often use.

Like the measures in Nanjing No.1 Middle School, let students select their own interests and participate independently, is a wise measure that can reassure parents and satisfy students.

Give happiness back to children. Let them do not waste precious adolescence while improve their self-cultivation.

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