What is Call Forwarding?

By: Chris Cornell | Posted: 10th February 2011

Call forwarding is an application that allows phone users to direct incoming calls to alternative numbers or phones. This application can be used for either home phones or mobile phones.*72 or *73 are both umbers that most service providers use to for their clients to set up call forwards on their phones. With some providers you donít have to use the phone lines from which calls will be forwarded. This application comes in handy for people who constantly travel or on the move hence they are in different locations daily or weekly. The cost of accessing this service however depends on the service provider and the phone service plan.
Letís see forwarding calls deeply now.
The first step is finding out the service providers call forwarding options by going to their website or using the customer care line. Phone service providers advise clients to get in touch with their representatives to set up forwarding services on their phones.
Before using *73 or *72 to forward your calls it is advisable to first confirm from your service providers whether those are the numbers they use. Most companies however use the two. If they use those numbers then you just dial *72 and then the numbers where you want the calls to be automatically forwarded to. Dialing *73 deactivates the application.
Dialing *92 and the forwarding number, this prevents answering the calls after it rings for a number of times. To turn off this service dial *93
To reroute that get no response or when the signal is busy dial *68 and the forwarding number. Deactivating this service is done by dialing *88.
You can also reroute forwarded calls that get a busy signal to another number by dialing *90. This takes the call to another alternative number. Deactivating the service is done by dialing *91.
It is important that you verify and confirm the rates charged for the various call forwarding options in advance.

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