Sky Sports On Freeview Ė Best Of Both Worlds

By: Maline Morgan | Posted: 09th February 2011

What many people donít realise, is that Sky Sports on Freeview is perfectly possible.

Indeed, Sky Sports on Freeview is not just a dream, but a reality.

Itís being made possible by Top Up TV which allows viewers a great sense of choice when it comes to their viewing pleasures.

Top Up TV is one of the UKís leading provider of TV services and offers its own Freeview+ box. This differs from the normal Freeview boxes because it allows the user to control the number of viewing packs they require. Indeed, the company are well known for their flexibility when it comes to a viewerís choices.

It works when Top Up TV delivers a userís own chosen package to the Freeview+ box and the programmes are delivered straight to the box, usually overnight.

Top Up TV currently offers Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 to over ten million UK homes which have Freeview. And the great benefit about this way of getting Sky Sports on Freeview, is that itís the cheapest option available at the moment.

Okay, so for those that like the sound of such a deal, just how does it work?

Firstly, a person buys a Top Up TV box. These start from £39.99 and it really depends on how much storage a person needs. Then thereís a £20 connection fee and a monthly charge for Sky Sports 1 of £19.99. And thatís it, there are no more monthly charges and represents the most cost effective way of getting Sky Sports without phone and broadband services bundled in.

So, for the first time, the person who wants to watch top satellite sports programmes, but doesnít want a contract with Sky, Virgin, or BT, is ideally placed. Of course the great advantage is, a viewer can now get Sky Sports 1 and 2, together with ESPN, which will give them access to an unbelievable football sports package. For example, they will be able to see all the remaining Premier League games in the 2011, plus the Champions League matches that were hitherto only available on cable, or satellite, but now available via Freeview.

It is the first time that viewers who want access to Sky Sports, donít have to also commit to bundled services including broadband and telephone. So, this deal represents the cheapest stand-alone price for television quality sport in the UK. It works out at £19.99 a month for Sky Sports 1; for Sky Sports 1 and 2 for £29.99 month; and, Sky Sports 1 and ESPN, at just £29,98 a month.

So, when it comes to Sky Sports on Freeview, customers now have a great choice and flexibility, and one which wonít cost them a fortune.

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