Local charity and how it relies on charity awareness

By: Jake Edmund | Posted: 07th February 2011

In England and Wales, there are about 170,000 main charites who are registered with the Charity Commission at the moment. The majority of these not for profit organisations depend a lot on receiving their donations through different types of fundraising events, voluntary committees and the selling of charity merchandise.

T shirts, silicon wrist bands, key rings, pens, pencils, mugs, balloons, badges and stickers that contain the charityís logo can all be considered as charity promotional merchandise. These are brilliant because as well as raising money for the cause in hand, they also create charity awareness and potentially encourage others to become interested in the organisation. Out of all of these items, badges tend to be the most successful and cost effective way for national and local charity organisations to promote themselves and their cause. It can help to boost funds as it signifies that the person wearing it supports the charity which may encourage others to join them in doing so. Badges are classic and simple so they can be worn by people of all ages from children to teenagers and adults alike.

Several businesses in the UK often support one or more charities and they have already recognised the potential of benefiting from the massive appeal, using things such as badges to help create charity awareness. Various distributors of promotional products support the fundraising sector with a chosen charity division, and this usually provides a complete range of merchandise and services for charities of all sizes, small and large. They can tailor their packages to suit the needs of the charity in the best way possible. They also provide practical and cost effective solutions at various stages from design and consultation to warehousing and distribution which ultimately helps the charities to maximise the proceeds and awareness that they are able to obtain.

They work with the charity to plan out the different product options and designs that best suit its requirements. The distributor is able to supply all kinds of fundraising merchandise, such as badges, backing cards and collection boxes to fully integrated campaigns, so they are able to deal with varying sizes of products.

Badges tend to win over many charities though as they are very popular, last a long time and can be mass produced at a low unit cost, especially as they are quite small and not made up of much material. They donít particularly need to be of a high quality material so cheap plastic can be used. Merchandise of all kinds is brilliant at helping to create awareness for both local and national charities alike and should be considered as a main source of funding by all.

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