3G Mobile Phones The Phone for Next Generation

By: 3mobileshop | Posted: 07th February 2011

Globalization has made the whole world a global village by introducing newer technologies time to time. The invention of 3G mobile phones has taken the world by surprise with its modern features & applications embedded on it.

The mobile phone technology has evolved in such a way that one cannot imagine what will after 5 years down the line. The reason is quite obvious that there are so many technological inventions & these inventions are making the older technology obsolete or the new brands are cannibalizing the older ones. People always goes for newer products as it a human tendency to get attracted which ever is new in the market. Similarly with the invention of 3G Mobile Phones which generally refers to Third generation mobile phones has cannibalized the 2G mobile market in the UK as well as in the Global Market. With its latest upgraded features this has become a new brand identity for the mobile phones throwing 2G mobile phones in to the trash.

The 3G Mobile Phones has some exiting features like upgraded digital camera, GPRS, WLAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Geo-Tagging, EDGE, TFT Capacitive Touch Screen, In built Sensors, Video Conferencing, Push Messaging, E-Mail etc. Moreover some other high tech features includes modern operating system like Windows-7 & Android with high end Qual Comm Snap Dragon Processors. These type of high tech features makes the 3G mobile phones unique in their own way. The pricing factor also plays a major role here as most of the operators in the market are offering these 3G phones with lucrative offers unlike 2G phones.

Major operators like Virgin, Vodafone, O2, Orange, Three Mobile & T-Mobile are offering various deals like contract deal, pay as you go deal & SIM free deal in which one can avail these 3G mobile phones in an affordable price range. The major advantage in these 3G mobile phones is that it can be used for multiple functions like chatting, communication, social networking, business dealing, e-mailing, video conferencing etc. So one can not only talk but can also perform various other functions too as these are termed as smart phones for smarter generations & a reason very popular among generation next.

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