What Can an Excellent Salesperson Do Apart From Selling?

By: smile | Posted: 07th February 2011

With the upsurge of having business online, many of the sellers begin to realize that it is necessary to have a research on both customers and sellers so as to take advantage and make more money through online sales. When more traffic is brought to the sellersí page and/or orders are increased, they have to hire extra salespersons to deal with their business, and this method becomes much important then.

Truthfully, thereís more to hiring the right salespeople than spotting traits like persistence or enthusiasm in the conversation of introducing the latest mp4 player. Whatís often missed in identifying sales excellence is a profile of behaviors that separates the average from the extraordinary salesperson. This time, letís come to meet five different types of salespersons and choose the right salespersons when having a large business to deal with.

1. The salesperson who invests time in understanding customers rather than in simply "qualifying" them. This type of salesperson asks lots of questions to gain an in-depth understanding of the customerís operation with the objective of uncovering whatís being done well and where there are unresolved problems. Obviously, this type of salesperson is seemed to be the perfect option for a lot of sellers.
2. The salesperson who uses knowledge to attract customers. This type of salespersons is capable of recognizing how products and services change, and what customers need. He or she builds a knowledge bond with a customer, which is based on bringing expertise, ability or offering help to analyze problems and to provide solutions to customer issues. Generally speaking, customers like this type of salespersons as they are the considerate enough to help them find the most appropriate items. For instance, when selling iphone 4 cases, they may give a few suggestions, ask the customersí characters, the favorite color, which leads to a happy end-helping customers to find what they really need.
3. The salesperson who stays close to customers because buying decisions take longer than ever. He or she knows that customers are unpredictable when making buying decisions, while many salespersons write off customers too soon and end up losing the business to a competitor.
4. The salesperson who becomes one with customers. When talking with their customers, this type of salespersons unconsciously uses "we" rather than "I" or "they." Nothing is contrived like saying "this mp4 is so powerful so we can use it without any worry". They are good at putting themselves into the customersí shoes and having empathy with them.
5. The salesperson who knows how to say no. As a matter of fact, saying NO is an art, which cannot offense the customers. Although we know that there are some sales that cannot be made, especially when they are not in the best interest of both sellers and customers, however, it is the sellerís ability that makes NO sound natural. This type of salespersons walk away from sales when it is obvious that whatís being sold wonít solve the customerís problem.

The five types of salesperson above are excellent enough for your options, which are usually ignored by most of sellers when choosing salespersons. In one word, what an excellent salesperson can do is more than selling.

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