The Timeless Appeal of Hair Sticks

By: Wain Roy | Posted: 04th February 2011

Nothing complements a face or an outfit better than a perfect hair accessory. Hair accessories worn correctly can work wonders to add that extra oomph to your persona. Fashion trends keep on changing but beautifully-worn hair can never go out of fashion. The one hair accessory that can never go wrong is the hair stick. Be it wooden, ivory, or stone-studded, hair sticks have always created an impeccable fashion statement.

Use of hairsticks dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was chiefly used by women of the wealthy class. The ancient Romans used hair sticks made of gold, wood, bone, and precious stones. Hair sticks also adorned the long silky tresses of the Japanese Geisha women who usually preferred the straight hairsticks sans the carvings. Historical evidence suggests the use of hair sticks by Japanese and Chinese court ladies. Hair sticks also found favor in the court of Louis IV where the women used them in their elaborate hairstyles. In the 1920s, hairsticks made a grand comeback in the West as the Oriental influence held its sway across women of all ages.

The vogue of hairsticks has not waned with time. Its appeal lies in its timelessness. Hair sticks, in any pattern, add a classic charm and elegance to the overall appearance of the wearer. No wonder that this ornate hair accessory has found its admirers across all cultures. Hair sticks are made of materials such as plastic, wood, bone, ivory, bamboo, and so on. Often they are long and straight without any carving while some are hand-engraved or are embedded with precious stones and gems.

The charm of hair sticks also lies in its convenience and functionality. Hair sticks are ideal for styling long hair and offer numerous options for styling up-dos. The best thing about a hair stick is its ability to lend shape to the hair. One can try out a French bun, French twist, ballerina buns, and numerous other up-dos. While hairsticks are mostly used for long hair, women with medium or short-length hair can also experiment with these amazing hair accessories. A partial up-do for medium or short-length hair can be equally graceful.

Hair up-dos look best when teamed up with the right hair stick. Wooden hairsticks look subtle and finds best match with office or formal wear, especially during the day. Wood hair sticks also look chic with casual wear. On the other hand, ornate hair sticks like the stone-studded ones or the ethnic hair sticks are perfect for the evening.

It is this amazing quality of adaptability to all occasions that the hair stick has found its takers in all ages. To conclude, it must be agreed that hair sticks are here to stay and will continue adorn the tresses of women in the years to come.

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