Global warming-Not good for world

By: globallover | Posted: 01st February 2011

The people, who read this article, please try to get answers for my questions. Why the climate now is so cold? Why there is heavy rainfall in some part of the countries? Why big glacier mountains are getting melted? Why the life span of people in many countries has reduced? If you put forth this question into your mind, then you can get the answer that is none other than global warming. I think, most of you would have been aware of it and some after knowing that also they pretend as if they donít know. It is not their fault and it is our fault because we didnít promote any environmental awareness on this issues. Whatís the thing that hurting me is even the developed countries have yet out any effort. As per my heading, the global warming is not good for world and the living beings that sustains on this earth.
It is an extreme temperature raise condition and this extreme increase in temperature starts continuing from 20th century and continuing still with more extreme conditions. The main reason for increase in global warming is due to the increase in concentration of green house gases. What are green house gases? It is a gas that increases the thermal infra red radiation and the primary green house gases are carbon-di-oxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone. If you consider the effects of global warming, it is dangerous and here is the list. It will raise sea levels because day by day the earth radiation gets increased and due to it the earth temperature increase and the glaciers have already started to melt so definetly the sea level will rise. National snow and ice data center in their report say that if all glaciers melted today, the sea will rise about 230 feet.
Ecosystem will be disturbed and it is due to the melting ice caps. Ice caps are generally fresh water and it can desalinate the ocean when it melts and also it leads to an increase in ocean current. Several species will be endangered due to temperature rise and changing landscape. The negative balance of this issue is in one part of the world, it faces severe cold climate and other part will face severe warmer climate and the warmer areas will be affected by droughts and cold areas will be affected by flood. Agricultural and food commodities will be in demand and due to changing weather patterns; the health of human beings will get affected. So please love your earth and save earth from global warming. Earth is our wealth and if it gets depleted, we canít enjoy this worldly happiness so please save earth.

People should be aware about global warming and its serious issues so some environmental awareness is needed and I am interested in creating environmental awareness to people. To prevent global warming, we should have a goal and our goal should be love your earth and save earth so we can prevent global warming.

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