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By: sunyee | Posted: 26th January 2011

There is now a universal awareness of the harmful effects of the sun to the skin, for example, it can cause cancer. This can be credited for the reason that self tanner products have flooded the markets. We all like to get a good tan, but not at the risk of contracting dangerous ailments. Artificial self tanning agents circumvent this problem and still give you the bronzed appearance that is great to look at!

Contents Of A Self Tanner

Self tanner contains DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) that reacts with the upper layers of the skin to give you the tanned look.

Types Of Self Tanner Products:

* Sunless tanning products come in various forms like lotions, gels, moisturizers, creams, wipes, and so on.
* You get bronzers and accelerators that help you choose the shade of tan that you prefer. These are available as powders, sprays, lotions, and mousses.
* You can also go to a professional salon or spraying booth where they use airbrush tanners.

Features Of A Self Tanner:

* It can last for a day or even for a week depending on the type of tan.
* Most products are FDA-approved and therefore are safe to use. All the same, inhalation is not advised.
* Most tanners come with a scent, so it would be best to smell them beforehand to ensure you like the fragrance.
* It is much more economical to get a tan at home by applying gels than going to a salon or spa.
* You have the convenience of choosing the time and place and do not have to make a trip to the beach to enjoy the sunlight in an unencumbered environment.
* There are so many tanning products in the market today that you are sure to find the one that is suitable to your skin type.

Suntan Vs. Self Tanner:

* You cannot be assured of an even all-round tan with a suntan, whereas you decide the extent and color of your tan with a self tanner. You can choose to go in for a light or dark tan depending on what you are in the mood for.
* You can get a sunless tan any time of year and need not wait for those sunny days.
* You are not exposed to the dangers of the sun's UV rays. But it would be wise to check for skin allergies when you apply the sunless tanning lotions or gels.

Look Out For The Following:

* As it is possible to get tanned by the sun even after using tanning products, apply sunscreen lotions before exposing your skin to the sun's rays.
* Keep your eyes, nails, and hair covered when you apply these tanning creams.
* Though there are no dyes or paints involved in these products, it would still be better if you dress after some time to avoid getting your clothes stained.
* Use products of reputed companies so that you do not end up with random streaks or orange tinges.

Sun Laboratories Inc. is a leader in the manufacture of self tanner products. This family-owned business offers several tanning products that are safe and innovative and enable people to sport a bronzed look all year round.
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