How to Download Available Music For Your Black Berry

By: CherylBoidberg | Posted: 26th January 2011

If you are looking for accessible music mp3 files for your iPod or additional mp3 player, but you do not want to alter the law, there are by all means other options for you besides just waiting for iTunes to release their weekly free of charge song. You don't need to resort to ignoring copyright and blatantly begin using file sharing networks. There's certainly plenty of freebie music out there for the taking. You just need to know where to search for it.

One great source of free and legal songs is creative commons licensed songs. A lot of additional artists make their music available for a free download in the hopes of finding themselves some fresh fans. And you don't have to wade through thousands of below par songs looking for the good ones. Other music lovers like yours truly take the time to go over green music and either post both the mp3's and their reviews on blogs or in music podcasts where you get to listen the songs and possibly interviews with the groups.

There's without doubt plenty of ok stuff out there to listen to and I find myself stumbling across green artists all the time. MySpace and/or Facebook are also some great places to look for more artists. Many musical artists will have a page with an audio player so you can listen to their songs online and then you can visit their official website to see if they also make some of their songs available to download so you can without doubt listen to them on your mp3 player.

So how does this all develop? The first thing you might want to do is search on either Google, Yahoo, Bing, or other search engine. Once you get the results from the search engine, decide on a site you'd like to give a try. You will want to go to the "FAQ" or "Terms of Use/Service" page of the music website you are visiting. They usually give you some information about the downloads on their web site and this will give you an insight about how to download free music from their catalog legally.

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