Elegance with Stone Wall Water Features

By: Polly Godwin | Posted: 25th January 2011

Have you ever visited a river, brook or stream in which the water just barely “glazed” the stones as it passed over them? This is one of the loveliest patterns created by natural bodies of water, and it can be easily enjoyed indoors when you install stone wall water features.

How is that? If you take a look at a high-quality vendor of stone wall water features, you will notice immediately that the fixtures all present the viewer with something similar to the experience out in the “wild”. The gentle streams of water pour down from the top of the stone and glide across the surface of the smooth or the carved stone. Depending upon the structure of the stone and the way the fountain is designed, the sounds emanating from the wall water features can be very subtle or quite pronounced. Either way, they tend to all work their remarkable effects on those who hear them.

Need an example? Let’s say that your preferred style of décor is minimal with a somewhat Asian emphasis. You have boldly colored walls, simple furniture, and a distinct lack of clutter. The artwork you choose reiterates your theme and can include basic landscapes, abstract images, or natural scenes. This makes your space the ideal place for one of the stone or pebble wall water features that present the visitor or inhabitant with another element of nature and interaction.

One of the most impressive styles of stone fountains to choose are those that are entirely without a frame. Unlike more common fountains that can feature a basin and a header along with light fixtures, the wall fountains that use only the stone slabs and the simple basins can really make a tremendous impact. They usually have the water entering through small holes carved directly into the stone, and this gives them an even more natural look that can really create a totally unique sound and experience apart from other types of fountains.

One thing to remember when a fountain is to be a main feature in the room is the fact that it will need a supply of electricity. This might mean that you will need to have a professional electrician install an outlet in the area immediately behind the unit in order to maintain the very clean and natural appearance of the stone slab hanging against the wall. This may add a small amount to the cost of the project, but is well worth it.

Polly Godwin has been an expert on wall water features since 1998 and is the owner of KineticFountains.com, a company specializing in the highest quality outdoor fountains and garden fountains. Visit KineticFountains.com today for expert advice and quality water fountains.
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