Selecting Mini Donut Equipment

By: Karen B. Stanford | Posted: 25th January 2011

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So you are beginning your own business. In the initial period there will be plenty of hard work that you will have to put in. If you can get your family to work with you, there's nothing like it. You should get the maximum output from your efforts. Do a detailed research when you go out to select quality mini donut equipment.

Items in the equipment may be classified into five groups:

1) The primary item is the Mini Donut Machine. Know as much as you possibly can regarding the equipment. Go ahead and talk to a manufacturer who will answer your questions. Read fully the user manuals that come with the machine. In order to install the mini donut machine you will require:

- Siphon Pump - Insulated Oil Can for Solid Shortening

- Insulated Oil Can for Liquid Shortening

2) The next group of items is required for dough preparation. The items are an Electronic Mix Scale, a unique blade for the dough and the Ultra-Power Mixer. Make sure that you comply with all the manufacturers' rules regarding dry mixes for donuts and you won't have any problems making the best dough.

3) The third group of mini donut equipment includes ancillary equipment like:

- Squeeze Bottles [min 2]

- Commercial Drain Tray for glazed donuts [the quantity based on your target and how big the display is]

- A warmer for warming ready products [min 1]

- Self-Sealing Mix Bin

- Deep Commercial Drain Tray [min 2]

- Big sized tongs (2)

- Handy Server for hot donuts

- Showcase for beautiful glazed products

4) Then items are required for cleaning the equipment. Most stores stock them. Pay special attention to the cleaning of both inside and outside sides of the equipment.

5) The last group of items includes filters as well as different spare parts. You must utilize them for your business to run uninterrupted. You should ask the maker when to change parts of the mini donut equipment. All parts go bad on continuous usage. So make a list of items you need and enquire about any assurances that you will get for buying a new donut machine.

If money is hard to get, buy secondhand (used) equipment. A note of caution though. You must be able to maintain these parts (assembly, dis-assembly, filters, oil/shortening change, etc.). Have a long-term outlook for your business. Don't go for cheap equipment, which will constantly require spare parts. You will end up spending more. You will be shocked; some makers simply refuse to attend to their customers.


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