Body Wrap: Effective Skin Care Treatment

By: Peggy Devries | Posted: 24th January 2011

If you’re hoping for a more beautiful and smooth skin but you’ve grown tired of using moisturizing creams and lotions, you might want to try body wraps. Body wraps are considered as a more natural way of nurturing your skin cells to keep a fair and moisturized skin all over your body. It is a treatment often recommended for women with dry and rough skin.

Many people think that the only benefit of body wraps is to reduce body weight. However, what they do not know is that the procedure can also treat skin that has been abused by different factors. In certain situations, body wraps can also help eliminate the signs of skin ageing.

Basically, the treatment detoxifies the skin from stress and pollutants that have contributed to the death of skin cells. The treatment cleanses, moisturizes and invigorates the skin through herbal ingredients. Certain ingredients that are effective in skin moisture are chocolate, algae, seaweed, mud, cellulite, herbal and oil.

In California, mud and herbal wraps are one of the common ingredients used in body wrap. Bay Area spas often use mud wraps that provide women with a nourishing and soothing experience because of its warm and rich properties. Herbal wraps, however, are often combined with oil to produce heat that can extract toxins from skin pores and cells. Chocolates also have an effect in the skin when used as a body wrap ingredient.

In San Jose Bay Area, skin care treatments using body wraps may require skin exfoliation using scrubbing to remove dead skin cells that may hinder the effect of the application. This is a standard preparation for many spas. After the preparation, application of the body wrap with ingredients will occur. However, patients need to know that body wraps do not come with a massage. If you prefer to have a massage after the treatment, you can opt for services that have body wraps with massage.

Nevertheless, it is important to know certain cases and situations that do not allow body wrap. Bay Area spa experts suggest that people with diabetes, heart illnesses, high blood pressure, claustrophobia and eczema do not engage in such treatments.
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