How Electricity and Environment Related?

By: Kesslerfields | Posted: 21st January 2011

Energy consumptions now days increased rapidly including the electricity usage. We have our yearly savings like Earth our which is very useful to save energy just for a while. The greatest trend of this usage of electricity is the greenhouse effect which will result to Climate Change. Our mother earth is closely endangered as the rampant used of industrial and commercial company. Yet, they have to realize the outcome of their business probably profitable to them but not to our environment. As an ordinary individual, we can't stop these companies which have been there for a couple of decade. But we can share electricity conservation in our home or in the office just to be part to reduce the usage of electricity.
How are we going to do this? For some this is quite simple but not consistent as they don't know the uses of electricity conservation or what maybe the uses of electricity conservation is not their concerns. Being part of this makes our mother earth live longer. I'll give my idea about how this green house effect in relation to our daily life.

Suppose you're car is parking on the open sunlight and the window is closed as well as the Aircon is turn off. The heat of the sun entered to your car because the window is closed, this heat is trapped and causes the increase of your car. This is the same to our earth. The sun's light enters our atmosphere but it is trapped and caused climate changed.
Letís talk about the relation of electricity to the green house effect. As we all know in producing electricity we used Coal burning. Coal is a pure Carbon and mixed with oxygen the result is CO2 or Carbon Dioxide which added the greenhouse gases to our atmosphere. These are the reasons why it is important to save electricity in our home and office or anywhere else. Not just we decreased the effect of climate change but we also save money.

Few Examples of Saving Electricity:

Air Conditioning: Make your air conditioner in fair temperatures; this helps oneself conserve lots of power. Leave it to the temperature at minimum or maximum strongest where you are most comfortable.
Washers: How often do you use your laundry machine? Are you using laundry machine even they are not plenty to wash? Be sure to minimize the quantity of washings by cleaning a load of garments every time.
Television: Unplug the television when not in use. It is not a big deal but certainly it will help reduce your power consumption.
Computer: Very often, we should try to turn off our computers including the monitor when not in used. Start to do this often and you save earthís important powers.
Light bulbs: You must have known compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, this is being advertised often. You must have even used them more often. To begin with power conservation used this instead of the, Traditional incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs are more efficient and save more energy. If you worry about the price, Iíll tell you that this is more economic because you can save electricity usage in the long turn.

Some simple accessories are being used now is the Home Energy Monitor which is very handy. This allows us to view the current usage and our electricity bill. This very helpful because you can monitor your electricity online, check our website to more about Home Energy Monitor.
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