Ceiling Art

By: Markus Smith | Posted: 20th January 2011

We often think of art as paintings or photographs hanging on the walls around us, or perhaps as statues freestanding on the floor. A lot of art is more or less at our eye level. If it rises above, it at least starts at our eye level. However, some of the most gorgeous art in the world has been created to be high above our heads, where we have to crane our necks to see it.

People tend to be focussed on what they can see immediately around them, and what is above is often forgotten. It takes an individual with a unique outlook on the world to create a work of art that requires a special effort to be seen and appreciated. Here are a couple of beautiful examples of ceiling art, as well as an idea to create your own special ceiling.

• The Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo in the early 16th century, is the most famous example of ceiling art in the world. Along with the artwork on the walls of the chapel, the ceiling illustrates many of the scenes from Christian doctrine. The best-known part of the chapel ceiling shows the Creation of Adam, depicting the hand of God and the hand of Adam reaching towards each other.

• The ceiling of Grand Central Station's terminal in New York City was painted by Paul César Helleu in 1912. It was restored in the 1930s after years of contaminants from tobacco smoke darkened it beyond recognition. A dark patch of grime was left on the ceiling to let viewers know how much work was done on the space. The original painting depicts the constellations of the Zodiac, though the stars are painted backwards. This unique view was perhaps the mistake of the artist, though when it was discovered the backers of the project insisted that Helleu got the idea from a medieval manuscript that depicted the stars as they would be seen from outside the celestial sphere.

People sometimes use fabric to form draping ceilings for different purposes. It might be to cover an unattractive existing ceiling, or to create a sense of sky indoors. No matter the purpose, a fabric ceiling has the potential to be a work of art in your own home. Choose fabric patterns and textures that both complement the space and evoke that special sense you are looking for. Let the fabric drape naturally to show off its flexibility and fluidity, and the space will instantly be transformed into your own amazing artwork.


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