Why the Call Center Industry of the Philippines Became Successful

By: cosmetic.veronica | Posted: 19th January 2011

The call center industry of the Philippines is one of today’s most successful industries in the country. It also makes up 70% of the total market share of the BPO or Business Process Outsource industry of the Philippines. Recently, the industry had placed the Philippines as the call center capital of the world due to the continuous growth of the call center industry of the Philippines.

There are many reasons as to why the call center industry became successful in the global market. And some of the most apparent reasons were with their diverse collection of call center services, their skillful manpower, as well as the continuous growth of foreign investors.

Best Call Center Services
One of main reasons why the call center industry of the Philippines became successful in the first place was because of their services. According to industry experts, the call center industry of the Philippines was founded when the first call center services were made available in the market. And it was also because of the industry’s continuous evolution to provide the best and useful live answering services for any businesses that gave rise to the industry.

Many call center companies in the Philippines, such as Magellan Call Center, had introduced a number of call center services in the market, such as their Business Answering Service including Order taking services and reservation services.

It was because of these services that the call center industry was allowed to expand across the global market. Eventually, the call center industry had grown so much that the foreign investors had started to pour into the Philippine market.

Growth of Foreign Investors
The number of foreign investors had started to grow in the Philippine market when the call center industry had started to grow dramatically in the Philippines. Most of these foreign investors chose to outsource their call center service in the Philippines, while others chose to start their own call center business in the Philippines.

Whatever the reason that these foreign investors have, the industry had gained new markets to penetrate, such as the global market in which many call center industry from different countries compete.

Skills of Filipinos
What made the call center industry stand out in the global market is not only because of their diverse collection of call center services, such as Order taking service, but also because of the skills of Filipinos in providing customer relation services as well as their fluency with the use of the English language.
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