Top Ten Christmas Gifts

By: smallwriter | Posted: 17th January 2011

I have a long wish list of presents, so it's hard to whittle it down to the top ten Christmas gifts, but here goes. I have long wanted to learn to play the harmonica, I love blues music and that's what I'd learn to play. I'd want the harmonica and tutor book set and I could sit on the sofa on Christmas Day and drive everyone mad.

Another musical gift I'd like is a little, electric piano. It wouldn't take up much room and I could tinkle away to my heart's content. I'd also like the sheet music for the great jazz classics such as Herbie Hancock and Oscar Peterson. I suppose my top ten Christmas gifts should include something more practical, so I'd ask for a new pair of Winter boots. I hate Winter and the only thing that keeps my sanity is a pair of warm feet in snug, furry boots.

Being practical still, a few woolly sweaters wouldn't go amiss. I wouldn't mind an electric blanket too. I always like to receive books at Christmas. When the next Harry Potter book and DVD comes out, I definitely want them. A nice bottle of perfume under the tree would be most welcome. I don't mind what brand, as long as it's French! I know, I have expensive tastes.

Food is always a welcome gift and I like Belgian, chocolate truffles and English breakfast marmalade. Good wine is also a nice treat. That's about it for a top ten Christmas Gifts list, give or take a gift or two. I really don't mind what people get me as long as it's given with love and they've kept the receipt!

The best thing about Christmas for me is the giving of presents. I love to find just the right thing for loved ones. They make lists too, but I always get them a surprise that isn't on the list as well. Sometimes, I'll buy tickets for a show I know someone wants to see. I don't like to get anyone a gift voucher, if I can help it. It looks like you haven't made any effort, but I must admit I've done it on occasion when I've been desperate for ideas. Top ten Christmas gifts for children and teenagers in general are the latest computer games and ipods, I guess. Technology changes so fast. The
classic board games remain however, and you can't beat the good, old train set or doll's house.

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