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By: Arrvada | Posted: 13th January 2011

There are a few brushes that every woman needs to have in her makeup bag. And believe me, finding which ones you need, can be a challenge, considering there are so many brands, types, lengths, shapes, styles to choose from.
If we were to buy every brush for every tiny thing, weíd have a few hundred brushes. In my opinion, thatís too many. So how are we to decide? Are we supposed to have a brush for creases, for lips, for eyebrows, for eye liner, blush, contour, highlight, foundationÖ.Phew, the list goes on.
If you are like me I donít want to have 100 brushes if I could have a few and do the same stuff. Not to mention my budget canít afford to buy every new brush that comes out on the market. So hereís my advice:
Your makeup bag only needs to have these three brushes. Three? Yes, three. A really good blush brush, not too big or fluffy, but nice and compact with a nice firmness. This one brush can be used for your powder, contour, highlight, blush and bronzer. All can be done with just one brush. Itís definitely the way to go for your personal makeup bag. The best brands to choose from are VIP-CAT Cosmetics, MAC and Smashbox (though Smashbox can be a bit pricey. Their brushes to last forever though). If you are on a more restrained budget I recommend VIP-CAT or MAC.
The second brush you definitely need is an angled liner brush. The best one in my opinion is VIP-CATís angled liner brush. It isnít too big, is nice and firm and is perfect to use for Eyebrows, Eyeliner and even applying lipstick.
And third you need a pencil blending brush. The Pencil Blender is perfect to pack color into your crease, can pack shadow onto your brow bone and lid and can be used to blend them all out to a beautiful finish. Again I recommend VIP-CAT, MAC or Smashbox.
With these three brushes you will always be able to create a beautiful flawless look. Hope this gives you a place to start when refining your makeup bag for all your makeup needs.About the Author
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