Sneak Peek at DISH Network HD Receivers

By: John Mark Adams | Posted: 12th January 2011

Are you tired of horrendous services of cable television? If so then you should immediately switch over to Satellite TV services. Amongst a handful of companies, DISH Network, a Colorado based company, has turned out to be the leader in providing excellent programs and services. Due to its multiple programs, budget friendly packages, and excellent services, DISH Network, within short period of time, has become a common name in home entertainment. Whether you are looking for adult entertainment or simply want special programming lot for women folks, DISH Network can serve everyone with its bouquet of exquisite programs.

So far as services are concerned, DISH TV has a lot to offer to its valued customers. That DISH Network has become a trailblazer in providing quality entertainment to all its subscribers in United States, the credit for this goes to its tech-savvy receivers and accessories. Through DISH receivers, you are assured of getting high quality programs on all the fully digitalized channels.

So it is high time to have a quick look at the DISH Network receivers. First is the DISH HD Receiver. Avail few of the special features like simultaneous viewing and recording facilities, DISH TV everywhere, pause, record and playback ability and many more. Below are some of the renowned DISH HD receivers.

Everywhere ViP922 DVR receiver is the first and also the only sling loaded DVR receiver in the market. Apart from getting TV everywhere facility, you can record program while watching your favorite program on another channel simultaneously. It comprises of 1TB hard drive with the facility of storing up to one thousand hours of programming time. In fact it is the largest hard drive that is available in the market scenario.

Another top class DISH HD receiver is DuoDVR ViP 722k. It records one or even two live programs which viewing another program on different channel. Also it has dual connectivity facility, one with HD TV and the other with SDTV. It has a hard drive with storage facility of five hundred GB.

There is another DISH HD receiver that also establishes connection to both HD and SD television sets. It is called Duo ViP 222k. In addition it lends support to separate television viewing facility as well.

Solo DVR VIP 612, another DISH HD receiver, is perfect for SD television mode. This excellent receiver too has incorporated certain advantageous features. It has built in DVR so that you can record programs and later watch them several times as per your convenience. Also you can avail the benefit of recording one program and at the same time take pleasure in watching another program in different channel on simultaneous basis. Last but definitely not least, with 211 Solo VIP receivers you can take pleasure of watching quality programs in either SD or high HD technological modes.

That is not all. There are few DISH Standard receivers and also special DISH DVR receivers with its bucket full of benefits that turn out to be very effective for the DISH users.

DISH Network offers high quality of picture and sound output to make your TV experience a special one. DISH Receiver plays a major role on this.
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