The Human Centipede Movies That Turned My Stomach

By: Bob Willson | Posted: 10th January 2011

I was at the Rock and Shock horror festival last Sunday and had a chance to meet actress Ashlynn Yennie and Akihiro Kitamura from the film The Human Centipede. This film was written, produced and directed by Tom Six and co-produced by Ilona Six. I honestly had never heard of this movie before Sunday so I asked the actors a little more about it. They said it is fairly disturbing but well done. I told them I would rush to the video store and grab it on my way home.

The clerk at the video store told me to consider renting something else because I wont be able to eat after watching The Human Centipede. He was surprised when I thanked him for selling it to me. I have a very strong stomach and have seen the goriest of horror movies so I more excited than worried about getting sick. I glanced at the back of the cover and noticed a quote from someone who watched the movie stating that she threw up twice, so my curiosity was starting to get the best of me. I was still skeptical about whether or not it could turn out to be a flop but I went for it nevertheless.

I turned the movie on expecting a slightly ridiculous story line. I mean, come on, a human centipede? What could possibly happen that would be that interesting other than the initial shock factor when I see this strange being? I assumed it was basically a film about this “freak of nature” and maybe it was killing people or something but I was way off. This was not your average everyday monster like The Blob or Pumpkinhead but something even stranger and much more interesting.

The idea that the plot was not totally impossible was the most intriguing part of the whole movie. A doctor is running experiments in the basement of his home in Germany and is determined to finally create his masterpiece, The Human Centipede. He is a sick, twisted psychotic character with a fetish and will stop at nothing to invent the creature he fantasizes about on a daily basis. Dieter Laser plays the main character Dr. Heiter (sounds a little like Hitler). Laser should be hailed for his performance in this independent film because it was nothing shy of perfection. If they ever do a remake of Silence of the Lambs, this guy should be number one on the list for Hannibal Lecter.

The Human Centipede is not a scary movie but more of a psychological thriller that holds your interest from beginning to end. I did not come anywhere near throwing up but I was prepared for the worst so that could have helped. I was pleasantly surprised with this film and will keep my eyes open for other upcoming movies by Tom Six an Ilona Six. There is a sequel in the works to The Human Centipede and I look forward to seeing how they carry this film into a second round. It seems like they can make it even better than the first if they do one of the two things I have in mind. Check out The Human Centipede if you like the idea of a movie that takes you on a bizarre journey into the dark, evil, secluded life of a mad doctor and his innocent victims.

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By: Bob Willson

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