Winter Spa Treatments For Skin And Body

By: Cynthia Culver | Posted: 10th January 2011

The holidays have arrived in NYC, and with them come an assortment of emotions, obligations, and sentiments. As Manhattan starts to spring into its holiday attire, lights, trees, decorations, and window displays are a constant reminder for us to find the "perfect" gifts for our loved ones. As this can be almost impossible depending on the person, we find that there are some gifts that truly stand out no matter who is receiving them. The gifts of relaxation, good health and serenity. Spa packages and spa services at best spa's in New York make the perfect gifting experience all NYC men and women of all ages can enjoy. After the busy fall rush at work everyone looks forward to unwinding and decompressing, with the gift of therapeutic spa services in New York this enjoyment is multiplied ten fold.

Some popular spa body treatments for stressed New Yorkers one can find at the best spa's in NYC include:

The Deep Tissue Massage, a service that relieves your muscles of stress and sports related muscle tension. The Swedish massage, which will improve blow food and releases, built up toxins from the muscles throughout the body. The Reflexology massage, which is utilized to effectively work through the patients pressure points in both hands and feet to relieve tension, aches, and pains throughout the body.

Reflexology for Hands and Feet: Reflexology is a form of a massage that focuses primarily on your feet and hands. Having originated in Asia, reflexology is quickly becoming more popular in New York City spa's being that it's quick and can even go to supplement the regular weekly manicure and pedicure (for both men and women) while relieving all the tension from the tough work week.

The underlying theory behind reflexology is that there are reflex areas on the feet and hands that correspond to specific body parts, organs and glands. For instance, tips of the toes reflect the head, the heart and chest are around the ball of the foot, the liver, pancreas and kidneys are in the arch of the foot, lower back and intestines are towards the heel. Practitioners believe that applying pressure to these reflex areas can promote health in the corresponding organs through energetic pathways. Therefore, you can get relief in places you thought were impossible to reach by simply applying pressure to the right points in your limbs (arms and legs)!

Along with these effective stress-relieving solutions there are a number of facial treatments that help to clean and restore dry winter skin to its healthy self and let the patients look their best for all the precious holiday photos. Some options include:

Aromatherapy facials, which are therapeutic facials that can visibly improve the vitality and texture of the skin by using a gentle massage technique combined with essential oils. This service is especially geared to relieve muscle tension, poor circulation, and headaches.

Light Therapy Anti-Aging Facial, which uses light and heat to reverse the effects of environmental exposures and aging. As you age, skin texture roughens, spots appear and fine lines make their debut. This treatment works deep under the skin to recapture yesterday’s glow. It can soften fine lines, homogenize skin tones, decrease pore size, improve skin texture and enhance absorption of future creams and lotions.

Regardless of how much moisturizer you put on your face during the winter it isn’t going to match the effect that one facial can give you. Facial treatments give your skin the glow and luster that the cold winter chill strips away. The exfoliation can help rid the buildup of cracked skin around your nose and mouth (usually leftover from a cold or a mean case of the sniffles) and give another layer of skin the chance to shine! Another effective service for the colder winter months is the peeling facial which exfoliates using enzymes from fruits and veggies to free your face of tired and dull surface skin cells!

So whether you want to find the perfect gift for your close ones, or want to decompress after a stressful day of holiday shopping, look no further than the best rated spa's in New York for the best facial and body treatments guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face. Show your friends and family you care with gifts that will help to heal and refresh their bodies and spirits.

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