How to Protect Your Skin from the Environmental Factors Encountered in the Outdoors

By: kathyroberts | Posted: 07th January 2011

Planning on taking a winter vacation this year? Don't do so at the cost of your skin. What precisely is it that mountain air does to your skin, you ask? Many factors coming from the environment can make normal nourished skin to parched and inflammed. A change of environment and temperature combined with higher risks of UV damage and other skin irritants are necessary to be conscious of and vital to avoid. Take advantage of mountain vacations with the right information and natural skin care regimen to maintain nourished and skin that's fully hydrated.

Lots of people envision a winter vacation as a possibility to rejuvenate themselves in the cool crisp mountain air; nevertheless, temperature changes in the environment can be harmful. Lower humidity, air pressure, temperature and oxygen level can easily remove natural layers of protective oil and allow water to evaporate from the skin's surface, which results in you dehydrated and vulnerable to some other skin problems.

Exactly what harms does high altitude air cause exactly? Altitude, temperature, and issues pertaining to those can cause greater risk of eczema flare-ups, sun damage, facial redness and most frequently, dry skin. Hightened UV exposure can bring about sunburn and an rise in free radicals. And don't overlook other likely skin irritations that may pop up in the course of winter vacations from elements such as unwholesome diet, increased alcohol intake, sweaty ski gear as well as drastic alterations in temperatures regarding the freezing outdoors and warmly heated ski lodges.

So how can we evade these damages of mountain air? You may make use of a humidifier to offset the dry winter air that can make dryness and itching of eczema even worse. Also, you should definitely use an oil-based skin care cream and moisturize frequently. This moisturizer refreshes the protective layers of oil that are likely to be lost due to these environmental factors. Before you leave for the outside, a crucial preventative is to use a heavy layer of sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. It's also helpful to bring along a treatment for eczema should it be a worry. It is helpful to address eczema right away with an effective eczema treatment before it gets worse. Any different variations in skin care that create and trap moisture are also recommended.

On the coming winter vacation, take this information for you and keep your skin nourished throughout the season. Moisturize often, defend yourself from UV exposure, and try to evade the frigid cold and overheating. Relax during your mountain vacation feeling rejuvenated in nourished skin and ready to breathe in that crisp mountanous air.
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