The Three Stages of Republican Denial

By: Jay | Posted: 04th January 2011

The Three Stages of Republican Denial

Whats the deal with the republican need for incessant violence or death? Every time a Republican heres the truth their first response is denial and a vow of death to the commies. Even if your not talking about anything communist at all, republicans like Glenn Beck find this magical link to communism even though the topic of conversation is about democracy. I'd even go so far as to say that republicans are addicted to this type of reaction. They get high off it. And like most addictions there are several steps to recognizing that you have a problem. If your a republican and you experience the following symptoms, as a direct result of hearing the truth, maybe you need a little intervention in your life.

First Stage of Republican Denial: Preoccupation/Anticipation

Constant cravings for FOX News are the very first sign that republican propaganda has taken hold because of your overwhelming urge to watch FOX News even though MSNBC has the other side of the news story. Irritability, agitation, fatigue, depression and difficulty concentrating are the warning signs that something is out of balance.

Second Stage of Republican Denial: Binge/Intoxication

The more that republicans watch FOX News, the more they need to sustain their current levels of tolerance. And, larger amounts of propaganda are necessary to continue experiencing the same high. To increase that feeling, excessive indulgence of FOX News (binging) pushes the effects of addiction to dangerous levels. Prolonged exposure results in desensitization through disillusion, which can result in an outburst as the user attempts to regain the initial euphoria experienced when watching FOX News for the first time. The warning signs of the second stage include missing days of work or school, or showing up late because you are recovering from a FOX News binge.

Third Stage of Republican Denial: Withdrawal/Negative Affect

These withdrawal symptoms occur anytime FOX News is not being watched and can cause tremendous physical suffering. Withdrawal symptoms differ according to each specific republican, but can include:

* Agitation, anxiety, panic attacks

* Insomnia, depression, paranoid thinking

* Fatigue, muscle pain, feeling shaky

* Psychotic reactions

At this stage, the only motivation in a republicans life is to avoid the agonizing symptoms of withdrawal. All other conventional media is ignored and all efforts are replaced by the continuing need for FOX News propaganda. Risky behavior like stealing, sharing needles, unsafe sex, changes in eating habits, unexplained weight change, difficulty paying attention, violent or bizarre outbursts, even paranoia are all indications of the destructive propaganda cycle being playing out. These symptoms are a normal response that your having to your addiction and with proper intervention you can take your life back. These symptoms are potential indicators of addiction, however, not every person who displays these behaviors is considered to have an addiction to FOX News propaganda. An accurate diagnosis can only be made by a licensed professional.

Written by: Michael G. Pickett, Jr

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