Zelda Wind Waker Scenes - Aryll Kidnapped

By: tiffanywindhurst | Posted: 24th December 2010

The tenth installment of The Legend of Zelda continues 100 years after the Ganon forces were defeated in the Ocarina of Time. The setting of this sequel is out of the ordinary plot of other Legend of Zelda games. Group of islands scattered all over the ocean, where Link must travel and try to assemble the Triforce in order to defeat his mortal enemy Ganondorf.

Wind Waker starts the story with Link celebrating his birthday at Outset Island together with his grandmother and his sibling named Aryll. As the story goes, he receives the permission to use the telescope and an emerald suit, which is a gift from Outset Island elders to acknowledge the heroic deeds of Link that saved Hyrule from Ganon forces.

In the latter part of the story, while Link is looking through the telescope of Aryll, he saw a girl being carried by a huge bird. Based on the traits of Link from the other sequel, being an onlooker is not his nature. So, he tried to save the girl from the bird who turns out to be Tetra, captain of a pirate ship.

After the successful rescue mission of Link, Tetra seeks revenge and sees kidnapping Aryll as the best way to do it. As soon as finding out about the incident, the journey of Link starts, he travels to Forsaken Fortress where he believes Aryll is being held hostage together with the other missing girls.

Unfortunately, Link was unsuccessful to rescue Aryll from the fortress, and this opens a new scene where the King of the Red Lions appears, and gave Link a magical baton as known as Wind Waker. This starts another phase of the story where Link is set to journey through the ocean in order to find a way to save Aryll.

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