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Sanctum certified skin care is one of the original pioneers of the Australian Natural Organic and Vegan skin care industry. Sanctum is a member of Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) and its products are safe on environment. Sanctum do not test its products on animals. The products of Sanctum don not contain harmful pesticide residues, petrochemicals, synthetic substances, artificial fragrances and color and a range of potentially harmful additives. Also non organic products of animal origin and talc and chemically synthesized sunscreen are prohibited in Sanctum skin care products.

Sanctum skin care products are 100% naturally derived and consist of certified organic raw materials, medicinal grade, therapeutic herbal and plant extract. Also combined power of soothing essential oils and natural proprietary preservative system which blends herbal extracts fortified with natural anti oxidants and vitamins.

The best part of Sanctum skin care products is that it is best for sensitive and irritating skin. Its products restore the skinís own moisture and essential oils. They maintain the ph balance of the skin and make it soft and supple. Sensitive skin will greatly benefit from taking a holistic approach to your health and well-being and skincare regime will be enhanced by focusing on such factors as; reducing stress, eating and drinking well and avoiding over exposure to UV rays and taking time out for sleep and relaxation.
The Sanctum organic range consists of combination of vitamins, enzymes, sugars and herbal extracts to form the antioxidant stability system. It does not contain any nature identical food preservatives which can only be manufactured from synthetic sources or hidden preservatives. The products are certified by OFC so every ingredient must be derived from a natural source. It consists of natural fruit acids which help in exfoliation of skin, removing the dead cells and make the skin look younger and brighter.
The unopened shelf life of Sanctum products are 18 months. All its products are to be used within 3-5 months. The temperature required for storage of these products ranges from 5-30C in a dry environment, avoiding direct sunlight. The pH level of the Sanctum skin care products are between 4-7 which makes them suitable for all skin types and condition which makes skin soft without any irritation or drying out.
One may begin to notice visible results in one week and it is more likely that a noticeable difference will start to appear after three to four weeks of correct and regular use. Results can vary from person to person, depends on factors such as skin type, condition and lifestyle factors.
Artificial fragrances and colors do not have a place in the Sanctum range. Gorgeous scents can be very enticing and often influence our purchase of beauty and personal care products. Rather than trade on the power of scent Sanctum believe it is more important to keep its products as low irritating as possible, using only 100% natural fragrance blends. All products are lightly scented so they are suitable for sensitive skin, and smell is not overpowering and do not interfere with your choice of perfume or body spray.

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