Has a villain for The Dark Knight Rises been revealed?!

By: ajitesh | Posted: 21st December 2010

Teresa Palmer, star of The Sorcerer's Apprentice, may have just dropped the ball regarding the identity of one of the villains in The Dark Knight Rises. Earlier today, she was asked about the role of Talia Al Ghul (daughter of Rhas Al Ghul) for the upcoming Justice League of America production. However, things quickly switched to The Dark Knight Rises. She had these comments regarding the role:

"I've definitely put the feelers out there with my agents and that would be something I would be really glad to have happen. I doubt I would be one of the actresses high up on Nolan's list. I think they are definitely going after woman with a much bigger profile than [mine]."

"I was going to do it with a Russian accent in Justice League of America and I was fitted for all the outfits. It is the longest shot in history for sure but I've put my name out there with my agents and things. So we'll see who ends up doing that role. My managers made the phone calls but I'm pretty sure that they will end up going with a big name girl."


Did Palmer just totally piss off Christopher Nolan?

It's tough to say.

Christopher Nolan has NEVER let anything slip when it comes to his Batman Trilogy. It is doubtful that Nolan and company would send out some sort of mass alert about the casting of Talia Al Ghul, or any character for that matter. After all, it was Nolan himself that announced the addition of Tom Hardy to The Dark Knight Rises cast, and with an announcement being right around the corner, it's hard to believe that they wouldn't be tight lipped about it down the home stretch. For more to know about this game visit http://gamingahead.com/
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