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By: Myrtle Cook | Posted: 21st December 2010

Flying masterpieces. One of the primary art movements in the 70s, photorealism can be experienced in the Kansas University Art Museum. Here is where you need to be able to distinguish pigment from celluloid.

In the world of photorealism, it is important for an artist to have a working medium to work on. In most instances, they retain the precision and clarity of a photo on canvas, creating a curious stillness of a moment frozen on film. Working with a friend of his, there was a leading aviation and aerospace attorney who thought about showcasing the talents of 22 artists through an art show. Here, you can see different forms of creativity at work.

Horse paintings were the fare of one artist. In the painting is a woman on a horse with two of her brothers standing close one of which has a model plane in his hand. Starting with a floating plane in a bathtub, one of the artists used a number of his old toys like a toy car which was positioned beside a toy helicopter. There was another artist who used old toys and he had a plane on an aquarium floor.

Here, the artists make use of numerous styles of painting and this is why they are able to reproduce an almost exact copy of the photograph that they started with. Grids were what Renaissance artists utilized so that they can enlarge their sketches for murals and to enlarge the photos for their canvass translations, some artists used this technique as well.

Working on an air borne fighter jet in mid flight was another artist. It is admirable that the artists were able to make use of clear, precise lines and color in creating their masterpieces. Tints were utilized by one of the artists in the exhibit as he was replicating an air ship from his antique photographs.

What could have been the reasons why artists sometimes choose to paint photographs? There is no room for imagination as a picture is being copied hence the depersonalization of the piece. Manipulating the material is what is left for the artist to do. Using brushes and air guns can help artists in photorealism to deliver precise lines in their paintings.

When it comes to this, you are dealing with the specialists. Here is where an artist can portray something on a canvass as it appears, nothing is abstracted and nothing is transformed into pop art. Thanks to the Whitney Museum in New York, those who have been part of the photorealistic movement were able to come together.

This started everything. Although they are a bit pricey, they are worth every penny in terms of the artist's effort alone. Most people's initial reaction, he pointed out, would be, my God, how did he do it? Every brush stroke was carefully applied.

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