Water Gallery's Custom Bubble Panels Are Extremely Versatile

By: Roger Design | Posted: 19th December 2010

Custom bubble panels represent another product offered at Water Gallery that gives our clients an opportunity to own a piece of water art that will truly be one of a kind. While you'll find an extremely extensive line of pre-designed indoor waterfalls and floor fountains, we've always been dedicated to offering customization options so that we're able to help anyone find exactly what they want. Custom bubble panels can be made to each client's specifications, meaning large or small, we'll be able to create a piece that can be perfectly incorporated into the space you're decorating.

Sometimes visitors to WaterGallery.net that are interested in one of our signature fountains have some concerns about the exposed water aspect of these pieces. With custom bubble panels, this isn't an issue because the water is completely enclosed. This allows for the bubble effect as well as making these pieces very versatile when it comes to how and where they can be used. This is one of the reasons that we've had clients install our custom bubble walls in their homes, retail stores, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. In the case of bars and nightclubs, we also offer LED bar tops that can be installed separately or in conjunction with our custom bubble panels, creating a total design that will set you apart from everyone else.

Each of the custom bubble panels is made from durable, high quality acrylic material, meaning that they're built to last. Our experienced fabricators take great pride in the products we create, which is why so many of our clients continue to trust our work. The custom bubble panels come with changing multicolored LED lighting, creating an ambiance that is unlike any other piece of art. If you're looking for other pieces to incorporate into the design with the custom bubble panels, you'll find that we offer bubbler lamps and tables. Made from the same high quality materials at the custom bubble walls, the bubbler lamps and tables provide more opportunities for creativity.

When you're looking to make a statement with your interior decorations, Water Gallery gives you that chance. All of our pieces, whether the indoor floor fountains that stand over 10 feet tall or our small tabletop fountains, will make a lasting impression on visitors to your home or business. We strongly believe that we have the ability to create indoor water art for anyone, regardless of their needs and vision.

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