Choose the Right Bluetooth Headset for Your Cell Phone

By: brianbestwish | Posted: 14th December 2010

There are two main factions for Bluetooth Headset, the Hand free Profile (HFP) and Headset Profile (HSP) which represents the headset features. Itís important for customers to make it clear the Bluetooth support standard of their own mobile phones when they decide to buy one.The most trouble thing for people to choose Bluetooth headset for their mobile phone is the problem of compatibility between them.

However, Bluetooth in HFP format supports more complete phone functions. Consumers can pre-set the phone via headset to operate a redial, call hold, call reject and other hands-free functions. Bluetooth headset launched by Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericssion, for instance, all support HFP format. There are some models that support both HFP and HSP.

Generally speaking, when we purchase the Bluetooth headset, we should concern about the headsetís performance in following areas:

Compatibility. Although most Bluetooth products donít exist serious problem in this area, it is still useless if the headset can not compatible with the mobile phone well. Like Nokia HDW-3, it is inconvenient for users to charge since there is no suitable charger for it.

Call quality. It is a basic requirement to measure the quality of a Bluetooth headset. Usually, the call quality of the Bluetooth headset designed with rob is better than othersí. Since the microphone is closer to the mouth. This is why consumers prefer the older generation of Sony Ericsson HBH35.

Comfort in wearing. Ears are so delicate that it will cause discomfort if the headset material or design is not good. Therefore, consumers should check it carefully before buying, and choose the one suit your ears. In addition, it will be better to choose a wired headset or hands-free headset for consumers who wear glasses.
Standby time. Like mobile phones, the longer the standby time is, the better the device is. It avoids the trouble to recharge the headset frequently if its standby time is long enough. Headset, like Sony Ericsson and Motorola HS810, has longer working and standby time.
Weight. This factor is also important for the weight capacity of the ears. In Theory, the lighter the headset is, the better it is for users. But now the weight of most Bluetooth headset is about 20 grams. Thereís no big difference in weight.
Choosing the Bluetooth headset is as important as buying a mobile phone. Hope those tips above can help you learn to choose perfect headset.
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