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By: regherh | Posted: 11th December 2010

Certainly, the most enjoyable events are the ones that are themed well. To spice up any event and improve your experience of the day, party themes play a vital role. From water parks to roller coaster venues and all such family theme parks are actual ideas set in motion. You can draw brilliant ideas from these well-executed themes. One such idea can be from medieval era. However, it is not all about party decoration themes, your attire should also be in accordance to that. Your wardrobe and accessories like custom bags or event bags should also match the theme.

For instance, if the theme is Halloween then make every decoration item freaky and eerie. Whether, it is a birthday, wedding anniversary or any sort of social gathering, unique party ideas really enhances everyone's enjoyment. A little bit attention to details can certainly add the wow factor. Whatever theme you decide, just plan it well so that it becomes the talk of the town for years to come.

As mentioned earlier, the key to make a themed party special is to work on detailing. Work on things that seem inconsequential, but adds up to give a massive effect. These are things like color schemes, cutlery, lighting and decorations for furniture. A combination of all these items correctly executed in a given theme will really fascinate your guests.

The medieval knight's party theme along with detailing can literally take the idea to the next level. It would not even cost you a fortune to organize it. Yet a medieval themed evening has some guaranteed fun in store. Technically, it works best when organized in a big hall.

Ample space allows you to place a row of large tables keeping them two to three feet apart. Use rustic setting arrangement throughout the area to support the medieval theme. Decorate the tables with wooden plates and cutlery, classic goblets and candles placed in candle stands.

Moreover, you can use large garden tables to enhance the rustic effect. After choosing the table, you have to pick the ideal tablecloth. Dark brown or deep red colors will match the occasion perfectly. Apart from color ways, the fabric must be embroidered with crest or more appropriately, coat of arms. Scattering saw dust shavings around the floor will further support your medieval theme.

You can even opt for the conventional sawdust laden with a floral fragrance to accentuate the aura of medieval times. The scent of sawdust will come out effectively along with grilled food and wine. Avoid fluorescent lighting for the decor. Make use of natural light wherever possible.

Drape window openings with dark color coverings. This will generate a slightly subdued ambience perfect to represent medieval theme. With some creative ideas, you can outlay window coverings with royal crests. For the designs, you can find inscriptions from unlimited sources. Your source of information can be medieval films or some historical websites.

Though costume is of importance in a themed party but it all goes down to the atmosphere you have created. If you are able to create a perfect medieval knights party then it will surely be a day to remember.


Stewart Wrighter recently purchased several cases of custom bags for his restaurant. He ordered event bags with his restaurant's logo printed on it.
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