Tips to Connect Your Laptop to your TV Set

By: Francis David | Posted: 11th December 2010

Guys did you know about This is one of the safest precautions that might be of immense help during emergency situations. For this, you need to call a toll free no and record a message. Eventually, this message will be broadcasted to the 10 emergency contact numbers that you will provide. What’s best? You can subscribe to this service by just paying $14.95 per month.

Apart from these, you will also get important alerts to your email that you have provided them. These include local and national weather alerts. However, do note that you will be charged a monthly recurring amount of $14.5 on behalf of Phoneticom LLC as "Emergency Message System" on the OAN bill page of your local phone bill. Also note that the service activation will require 2 business days to be activated. However, the details will be sent to you directly on your email address.

Kindly note that the Emergency Message System does not guarantee you 100% delivery on each and every occasion. It is neither an alternative to your local 911 emergency service. It is an independent service that is not affiliated to any federal government.

Find below the probable advantages of Emergency Message System:-

1) Just call the toll-free number and we will immediately broadcast your message to your 10 emergency contacts, by phone, email, cell phone, etc
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This service can be used for up to five emergencies per month. You will also receive critical alerts to the email address you provide below. Including:

1) National Terror Alerts and Warnings
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3) Food and Drug Alerts
4) Product Safety Recalls

Information Collected:

Upon registration, users may be required to provide some or all of the following information (1 through 5 below are collectively referred to herein as “Registration Data”):

1. Full name; 2. E-mail address; 3. Street address, including city, state and zip code; 4. Telephone number; 5. Date of Birth; and 6. The name, email address and telephone number of at least one (1) emergency contact.

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