Should I Use My Contract SIM Only Package For International Calls?

By: | Posted: 09th December 2010

If you have a contract SIM only package from your current provider, you should certainly be able to use it for international calls and texts, but you may find that you pay a higher premium for this. Check with your existing provider before you start making calls and running up excess bills! Sometimes itís possible to redefine the package youíre already on so that your contract SIM only deal covers more calls than come as standard, particularly if youíre likely to be calling one foreign country more often than others.

If, however, you either call many different countries on a regular basis, or you travel frequently for business or pleasure, you may be better off purchasing an international SIM card. Doing so often results in cheaper costs when both receiving and making calls and texts, so itís definitely worth checking out. Letís have a look at the advantages of having an international SIM card first:

The initial cost of an international SIM card can be very low Ė surprisingly, they start at about £20, and many come with a small amount of credit already attached. International SIM cards are usually substantially cheaper to make calls from than doing so using your UK contract, whether itís a phone and SIM contract, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) or contract SIM only, and often incoming calls are free. International SIM cards fit in most handsets these days, though you may need to get your phone unlocked if you have an existing contract; this is easily done yourself, or you can have a professional do it for you. Usually all you need to do is open the handset, remove the battery and existing SIM, replace it with the new international SIM card, and youíre ready to go!

The disadvantages of using an international SIM card as well as your usual SIM card include having to swap cards when making or receiving international calls. Itís a good idea to ask contacts from other countries to contact you at certain times of day, or text before they call, to avoid accidentally taking an expensive call without realising it. That way you can remove your contract only SIM, or other SIM, when necessary, ready for international conversations.

On the other hand, you may be able to find an international SIM card that is also good for domestic tariffs, so that you can simply replace your contract only SIM, or the SIM in your existing contract, with the new, international one, and use it for both national and international communication. Contact your current service provider to find out the options available from them, and also research online mobile SIM card providers, and ask friends or work colleagues in similar situations, to check out the competition Ė itís definitely worth spending some time doing this before you make your final decision as to whatís best for you. A little preparation and knowledge goes a long way towards keeping costs down in the long run!

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