Essential Communication Skills for Businesses

By: sambailey | Posted: 09th December 2010

Despite the differences in corporate culture, good communication and presentation skills are generally important attributes of a successful business person. Whether you are an accountant from Singapore or a CEO from the United Kingdom or a teacher from the Philippines, your presentation and communication skills are crucial determinants of how far you can go with your career.

In business, communication is an essential tool in delivering key messages to clients and even to the employees. Whether it is a face-to-face or a telephone conversation, through e-mails, or written reports, letters, or memos, communication for business requires different strategies.

Self Disclosure

The level of self disclosure determines the depth of information to be shared with the end user. In business, it is not the communication techniques that matter, but also your presentation skills. As a representative of your company, it is important for you to lay valuable information about you and your organization without being overly aggressive or defensive. A balanced self disclosure opens a richer relationship between members of the company and its clients.

Listening and Negotiating

Two of the most essential communication skills a businessman should possess are the ability to listen intently and to negotiate terms which are advantageous to both parties. This requires sustaining the interest of the person talking to you by welcoming new ideas and suspending judgment on your side until the client has presented his terms.

At Self Leadership International, you and your people will not only be trained on how to present messages but also on how to deliver it effectively. Seventy-five percent of a company’s operation depend on communication so investing on development training is a great venture especially if you are thinking of the long term benefits it can bring to your company.

Constant Practice

Practice makes perfect. Hence, communication and presentation skills should be practiced in the work place. Presenting a meeting should not always be the job of the management. Encourage your employees to be involved. They can do presentations on areas they are involved with. This way, you give them a good avenue to practice and better their communication and presentation skills.
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