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By: cosmetic.veronica | Posted: 08th December 2010

There are many popular call center companies in the Philippines that can offer businesses the kind of live answering service that their business requires. One of the most successful in providing this is Magellan Call Center. So what kinds of call center services that Magellan Call Center can offer to businesses?

Magellan Call Centerís Services for Different Businesses

Brief History
Magellan Call Center was founded in 2005, the time in which the demand for live answering services had dramatically escalated, and that the number of call center companies and agencies werenít enough to accommodate this growing demand. Magellan Call Center was one of those which were established in that time.

Though operated small, Magellan Call Center is known to offer some of the most unique Business Answering Service in the Philippines, such as order taking services, reservation services, and many more. Although their services are simple live answering services, these types of call center services were considered rare in the past, and that only a few were found to offer such services. And it was because of this that the Magellan Call Center became popular in the call center industry.

Most of Magellan Call Centerís services are aimed to offer live answering services to different businesses in the Philippines. In the past, most businesses that make use of call center services are big companies and corporations. Small and medium businesses such as clinics, restaurants, hospitals, and hotels, on the other hand, wouldnít normally make use of call center services such as customer care and technical support. This was until call centers such as Magellan Call Center was founded.

Unlike the usual types of clients that other call center companies and agencies serve, most of Magellan Call Centerís clients are small and medium businesses, such as those mentioned. This is because most of their services aim to offer Live Answering Service to these small and medium businesses, such as order taking and reservation services. This, along with its affordability, small and medium businesses sch as those found use for Magellan Call Centerís services.

Contribution to the Growth of the Call Center industry
Magellan Call Centerís major contribution is that it opened the industry to other markets. This is by providing services in which majority of businesses in the Philippines can make use of, such as their simple live answering services.
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