Call Center Industry’s Expansions

By: cosmetic.veronica | Posted: 08th December 2010

According to many industry experts in the Philippines, the success and massive growth of the call center industry was due to its many live answering services that not only improved the industry’s competence in the market, but have also expanded the industry’s targeted market. This includes small and medium businesses in the Philippines.

Growth of the Call Center Service
The call center industry is believed to have started when a few third-party companies had provided live answering services to their clients, mostly customer care and technical support services. This had grown when the number of call center companies and agencies in the Philippines had rapidly expanded to accommodate the growing demand for call center services.

Some of the most popular types of call center services introduced in the market were those that contributed to the growth of the call center industry, such as Small Business Answering service like order taking service, reservation services, travel services, and other popular business answering services.

Call Center Industry’s Expansions
Although simple, call center services such as Order taking service were some of the services that allowed the call center industry to tap on other markets in the Philippines, which are mostly comprised of small and medium businesses.

Businesses such as dental clinics, health clinics, beauty spas, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels are only some of the examples of small and medium businesses in the Philippines that didn’t usually make use of the call center industry, particularly in the past in which the call center services such as customer care and technical support were the predominating types of live answering services available.

However, when small and medium business answering services such as those mentioned above were introduced, those kinds of businesses finally found use of the industry for the growth of their own businesses. And it was because of this that the call center industry had expanded rapidly in every market found in the Philippines.

Call Center Industry’s Competence in the Global Market
Because of the continuous and massive growth of the call center industry, it eventually entered the global market when many foreign investors have started to invest on call center businesses in the Philippines.

This opened new markets for the call center industry of the Philippines which further expanded its collection of call center services, allowing more markets around the world to make use of their live answering services. Eventually, the Philippines became the 2nd largest provider of Outsource Call Center services in the global market.
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