Three options for tax refunds

By: Wilson Payne | Posted: 02nd December 2010

For 2010 Income tax return filing, there are various ways available. Which way might be good for you depends on various factors. Why don't we look first at what are the various returns filing methods obtainable in 2010.

1. Tax filing Software - One prominent way is to use tax preparation software like Complete Tax. These softwares have grown to be more sophisticated with each year. These tax softwares are current regarding all of the deductions and tax associated guidelines and are very user interactive.

2. Free E-filing - This is a free method and is also encouraged by IRS. That's because this cuts down on paperwork for them and it also makes it possible for them to process the returns quickly. So if a tax filer expects their money back, the refund will also send directly to them quickly if this technique is used in 2010 income tax return filing. However, free e-filing method doesn't guarantee that most of the deductions might be incorporated.

3. Through Tax Consultants - Another popular method. Brands like Jackson Hewitt, HR block have specialist tax preparers who'll prepare the returns for you personally and shall assist you in identifying locations where you could claim deductions so that your tax liability is low.

Of course, all of the three from the above methods are extremely popular and have their unique set of advantage. So the next obvious question that comes is which method will suit you more. The answer is dependent on various factors such as how complicated is your income tax returns. If your returns filing requires a lot of deductions, then you should opt for either the software or should go to a consultant for 2010 income tax return filing.

However if the returns are going to be straight forward, then go ahead with Free E-filing option. Whether you go with the free e-filing or the software it can all be done at www.completetax.comAbout the Author
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