Success of a Small Call Center Service

By: cosmetic.veronica | Posted: 01st December 2010

One of the most successful call center companies in the Philippines is Magellan Call Center. Like many other call centers in the country, Magellan Call Center started small, with only a few simple call center services to offer. However, it was because of their simple Business Answering Service that Magellan Call Center became as one of the leading call center companies in the Philippines.

Advent of the Call Center Industry
According to industry experts in the Philippines, the call center industry started when a number of third-party companies established a few live answering services along with their original service as a provider of email management. It was because of this move that the demand for such services had started to grow, which eventually had grown to become a successful industry known as the call center industry.

Foundations of Magellan Call Center
Magellan Call Center was founded at the time in which the demand for call center services had escalated. And like many other call center agencies at that time, their operations started small, with only the simplest forms of call center services.

However, what made Magellan Call Center successful is that many industry experts had considered the company as one of the few who contributed to the growth of the call center industry through its simple, but unique, live answering services.

Magellan Call Centerís Services
According to industry experts, Magellan Call Centerís Small Business Answering service, such as their order taking services and reservation services, are aimed for small and medium companies and businesses in the Philippines, which were considered rare in the past. And it was because this that Magellan Call Center rose above the industry for its uniqueness.

Because of Magellan Call Center, the availability of call center services had grown, making it possible for very type of businesses to benefit from their own live answering services such as restaurants, clinics, as well as other small and medium businesses.

Magellan Call Centerís Success
Today, Magellan Call Center is considered as one of the most successful call center companies in the Philippines, having expanded from a few agents to over 300 highly trained agents in two different offices in central Metro Manila.

Though successful, the companyís aim remains unchanged, which is to offer Small Business Answering service to small and medium companies in the Philippines and to other countries around the world.
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