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By: SAMPAL | Posted: 01st December 2010

As far as mobile phone industry is concerned, there are variety of mobile phones available over there. Although, there are many mobile phones in the market which are equipped with built-in SIM card(s) but generally people prefer handsets with removable SIM card facility. Without the SIM card you can not communicate with your friends and loved ones. There are so many mobile phone deals are available in the market like contract deals, PAYG deals, SIM free deals and SIM only deals. But there is something special in the SIM only contract, so the people are crazy about that. In the SIM only deals the user get only SIM card and he has to buy handset separately and the user has the freedom to use the handset of his own choice.

UK market is full of mobile phone deals and have meticulously made and give optimum benefit to people of particular category. Therefore, you have to act very very smart while choosing the right plan for you.Market offers two most popular mobile phone deals which are known as the Contract Phones deal and the Sim only deals. Both of these deals have some advantages and disadvantages which will definitely suit you better.

If you are out most of the times as a frequent traveler and need to talk more on phone then go for Sim only deals as it is a beneficial deal on many grounds for those help track mobile phone bill, let switch network, protect against hefty roaming charges and many more.

New phones which are being offered under the above interesting deals are packed with latest technologies, applications and features. Packed with camera, music player, standard powerful battery, high speed HTML browser, GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth, the latest widgets fulfill almost every requirement of the users. Modern mobile phones are provided with huge memory capacity and wide display with high resolution. The fascinating applications such as YouTube, Google Talk, Gmail and Facebook on new devices are the major source to send or receive posts from your near and dear ones.

There are many web portals which offers like O2 Sim Only Deals which comes with exciting offers. Orange sim only contracts offer the best deal which can be availed from the Orange Network operator.
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