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By: fori | Posted: 29th November 2010

The goalkeeper of the English elite team of Liverpool – Pepe Reina, thinks that the fans should not blame only his fellow-countryman Fernando Torres for the lack of goals in the team. In the last few circles of the Premier League, the “Red” achieved many negative results from the matches but after all the team came to some good times, with the victory upon Blackburn with score 2:1, thanks to Kid, who realized the winning goal for the team.

Pepe’s opinion is that, sometimes despite the great will of the strikers to score many goals each game, it is just not happening and gave as an example not only Torres, but also other great striker David Villa. He is remarkable player but he also does not score that often now, when playing in Barcelona as he was when he played in Valencia. The goalkeeper said also that the fans should not be disappointed from the strikers only, because Torres is a kind of a player that could decide the end of every match but he could not do it alone. And in the last few matches the team did not help him much to score, so the fault for the loosing series should not be only aimed at Fernando but at the whole team.

Reina did not miss to comment on the future of the club and he expressed his opinion about the new owners of Liverpool. He really hopes that the owners will bring back the glory days of this team, with some transfers during the winter transfer window. He also added that the main concern at the moment should not be the new leadership but the play on the field and after the achieved victory over the team of Blackburn last week Liverpool now will have to concentrate on continuing the winning series and take the deserved place, in the top teams of the Premier League. Three points are separating the team from the 8th place in the elite English football tournament.

The former English national David James confessed that he was drunk when he received a call from Bristol City and the offer to join the club. The keeper changed the team of Portsmouth with the one of Bristol, which was considered to be one of the most unexpected transfers this summer. The leadership of the modest club succeeded to fool the player with talks about the Premier League and at the moment the team is in very bad crisis and on the last 24th place of the Championship. David said that he was still drunk in the morning when his phone rang, and if it wasn’t the manager of Bristol City Steve Kopal, he wouldn’t even listen to him. The football player said that he accepted the offer mainly because of the great respect he feels about the coach of Bristol.

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